Non formal educa,onal will target those students that have a social, emo,onal and/or physical condition and require a tailor made programme to reintegrate in society and are not able to follow the formal program.

1. Non Formal Qualification

The target group for this qualificaton will be students who wish to follow the modules on a long- term basis, however due to personal limita,ons they are unable to go into all the details of the chosen modules.

2. Non Formal Award

The target groups for this award are those students who wish to follow Frate Jacoba education Institution programme for a short-term and students who are deemed by the institute as not having the potential to attain the formal qualification. Students will be exposed to the modules without being assessed. The cer,fica,on will be mainly based on experience and soi skills whilst being introduced to the Dar Frate Jacoba lifestyle. At the end of the activity students will be able to perform a basic reflection .