Skills – at the end of the module the learner will have gained the expertise to:

a) Prepare an appropriate work environment to ensure safety and an effective work practice.

b) Demonstrate the safe use of tools and associated safety precautions.

c) Plan how to execute work practices safely.

d) Demonstrate how to identify and assess hazards at the workplace and report risks to designated personnel.

e) Show how various hazardous materials on a work site are identified and handled in line with health and safety procedures.

f) Use tools, personal protective equipment and clothing in line with health and safety regulations.

g) Study the list of designated personnel responsible for dealing with emergency situations.

h) Practice preparing and applying appropriate screed under supervision.

i) Design a floor plan and calculate the area of the floor plan.

j) Identify the appropriate materials for a particular situation and give the appropriate advice.

k) Plan and calculate the cost of work according to the specific requirements.

l) Practice grouting.

m) Practice measuring and cutting the material with minimal wastage.

n) Practice laying the material under supervision.

o) Practice adhering to a set timeframe.

p) Identify various tools required for the job.

q) Practice preparing the structure for a particular job under supervision.

r) Identify various materials and profiles required for the job.

s) Practice installing the material under supervision.

t) Practice the trade of plastering and finishing under supervision.

u) Practice planning a project together.

v) Practice compiling a quotation for a given project.

w) Practice working out the appropriate distance between each light fitting.

x) Practice dealing and communicating with customers