Competences – at the end of the module the learner will be able to:

a) Ensure a safe environment by using the necessary protective wear and keeping the area safe.

b) Be responsible for preparing pots and trays with soil or compost for planting seeds or plants.

c) Monitor seedlings, plants and crops and ask for an advice when needed.

d) Collaborate with peers to undertake basic tasks.

e) Plant the plants according to the designed landscape indicated on the plan.

f) Regenerate plants using various methods of plant propagation.

g) Present a plan and design of own work in a written and verbal form

h) Calculate the cost of production

i) Maintain a portfolio which includes a self-reflection component.

j) Prepare an exhibition on a given topic

k) Set an exhibition

l) Create a small nursery

m) Give advice on possible improvements of the produced product.