a) Recall the precautions one should take to prevent electric shock and the procedures to follow  in the event of an electric shock.

b) Describe the reasons for using earthed lead with equipment. 

c) Seek qualified assistance in the event of severe burns, cuts, electric shock, or exposure to toxic  fumes and irritant materials.

d) Describe the methods of fire prevention and dealing with fires.

e) Describe the duties of employees and employers in the electrical/electronics trade.

f) Describe principles of electricity; magnetism/electro – magnetism; resistance and capacitance;  direct current and single phase alternating current theory.

g) Describe properties of conductors and insulators; semi–conductors.

h) Identify resistor values tolerance and associated ratings such as power using Industry standard  coding system. 

i) Explain how electricity is typically generated and distributed from generation to the consumer.

j) Identify the cable types and sizes used in installations.

k) Describe the types of installation equipment and electrical hardware utilized in installations.

l) Describe the advantages of using renewal energy sources.

m) List at least three sustainable develop principles 

n) Define what an ‘active citizen’ means

o) Describe social integration and cultural appropriate behaviour