a) Describe health and safety principles, including the proper washing of hands and the use of uniforms for hygienic purposes.

b) Describe the five main sections in the hotel industry: kitchen, restaurant, bar, front office/ reception and housekeeping.

c) Mention other departments connected to the five main sections (e.g. laundry, maintenance, uniforms, room service).

d) Describe the layout of a kitchen and a restaurant, 

e) List the common utensils, crockery, cutlery and equipment used in a restaurant (forks, knives, spoons and teaspoons, serving dish, side plate, breadbasket).

f) Describe the table-setting layout used in a restaurant.

g) Define the common jobs that one can find in the restaurant, and housekeeping department of 

a hotel (e.g. patissier, chef, waitress/waiter, room attendant,).

h) Explain how to buy different types of food (i.e. meats, vegetables, carbohydrate-rich food, 

fruits, spices, and herbs), and their storage methods.

i) Describe two different cooking methods (For example: baking and boiling). 

j) List the ingredients needed and describe the method used for making two simple healthy dishes (tuna salad and chicken wrap).

k) List and describe three tourist attractions in Malta.

l) Explain the basic elements of good customer care, such as courtesy and good listening skills used both when communicating on the phone or face to face.

m) List at least three sustainable develop principles.

n) Define what an ‘active citizen’ means.

o) Describe social integration and cultural appropriate.