Skills – upon completion the learner will be able to:

a) Describe safe practices to follow in workshop and domestic environments.

b) Decide upon the extent of first aid to be rendered in the event burns, cuts, electric shock, or  exposure to toxic fumes and irritant materials.

c) Produce typical electrical circuits.

d) Use measuring instruments and testing meters.

e) Select the right type and size of cable when collaborating in an installation project under  supervision.

f) Calculate resistance using mathematical formulae utilised in the electrician’s trade: Ohm’s  Law; resistivity; capacitors.

g) Read technical diagrams and drawings of single phase schematic circuits and wiring diagrams,  and electrical earthing systems.

h) Read the symbols used in electrical components and explain their basic function.

i) Read the terminology and symbols used in the electricity industry, SI units and their  sub/ multiples.

j) Identify symbols used in technical drawings.

k) Use the switch gear and transformers in an electrical circuit.

l) Simulate appropriate behaviour within different social context

m) Consider whether different project can be cost effective

n) Use the basic equipment without causing damage to it.