a) Explain the hazards and risks in the woodwork workshop.

b) Describe health and safety measures such as use of fire extinguishers and basic first aid techniques.

c) Describe the necessary resources in a workshop (e.g. 3-phase electricity; extraction ducts).

d) Explain how to manage the workshop.

e) Describe types of wood (at least these two: hardwood and softwood), and their uses.

f) Describe the different types of finishes to protect wood: application of polish using  paintbrush.

g) Describe different workshop equipment and machines.

h) List the variety of hand tools: measuring; marking; cutting; joining; drilling; finishing.

i) Describe at least three entrepreneurship skills

j) List at least three sustainable develop principles 

k) Define what an ‘active citizen’ means

l) Describe social integration and cultural appropriate behaviour