Skills – upon completion the learner will be able to:

a) Follow cleaning procedures in the school food lab, under teacher supervision.

b) Prepare two simple, healthy dishes, for example: tuna salad and chicken wrap.

c) Use two different simple cooking techniques, for example baking and boiling. 

d) Plan a simple meal according to a given budget.

e) Follow a simple recipe.

f) Explain the method followed in different cooking techniques, for example: baking – dry method and boiling – wet method.

g) Practise different hospitality tasks at a restaurant: answering the telephone, take reservations 

and welcome guests in the correct manner (in a simulated classroom environment).

h) Practise good customer care, for example, responding to a query at a hotel front office desk in a correct manner, handling a customer complaint in a restaurant (in a simulated classroom environment)

i) Practise restaurant table setting, in the school food lab, under teacher supervision.

j) Try out reporting procedure in case of a fault to the maintenance department, under teacher supervision.

k) Inform a tourist about three attractions they may visit in Malta.

l) Simulate appropriate behaviour within different social context

m) Consider whether different project can be cost effective

n) Use the basic equipment without causing damage to it.