Competences – at the end of the module the learner will be able to:

a) Comply with health and safety requirements at the workplace.

b) Manage the safe use of tools and carry out tasks underpinning associated safety precautions.

c) Be responsible for executing work practices safely.

d) Collaborate in identifying and assessing hazards at the workplace and report risks to designated personnel according to OHS codes of practice.

e) Deal with the identification and safe handling of various hazardous materials at the work site.

f) Be responsible for using tools, personal protective equipment and clothing according to health and safety regulations.

g) Carry out tasks in a manner that is safe to oneself and to other persons.

h) Produce a list of the designated personnel responsible for dealing with emergency situations.

i) Complete the tile laying project according to plan within given timeframe under supervision.

j) Design a plan of work including costings.

k) Prepare a quotation for customers.