Knowledge – at the end of the module the learner will have acquired the practical and theoretical understanding to:

a) Explain the importance of Health and Safety at the workplace.

b) Identify one’s responsibilities in executing work practices safely.

c) Recall what to do in case of an accident.

d) Define how hazards are identified, assessed and reported to designated personnel.

e) Describe how the various hazardous materials on a work site are correctly

identified and handled in accordance with health and safety procedures.

f) Describe how tools, personal protective equipment and clothing are used in accordance with health and safety regulations.

g) Describe the different types of material available on the market and explain their properties.

h) Describe the different types of adhesives and their properties.

i) Describe different types of grouting and their properties.

j) Describe the main tools used in the trade and their specific utility.

k) Describe how to prepare the screed with particular reference to their ratio.

l) Recall the tools for these two trades and explain their use.

m) Recall basic terminology associated with the gypsum board and tile laying practices.

n) Describe the purposes of different types of materials and explain their use.

o) List the advantages and disadvantages of materials.

p) Explain the importance of using the appropriate material.

q) Name the steps for the finishing process of plastering.

r) Explain how one can plan a project.

s) Recall the main characteristics of a quotation.

t) Explain the technique and math used to include the light fitting.

u) Explain how to evaluate the services of the different suppliers available on the market.

v) List at least three sustainable development principles.

w) Define what an ‘active citizen’ means

x) Describe social integration and cultural appropriate behaviour.