Skills – upon completion the learner will be able to:

a. Practice utilising proper safety gear under supervision.

b. Practice hive management under guidance with an emphasis on maintaining appropriate behaviour.

c. Practice inspecting a beehive under guidance including opening hive and pulling up frame.

d. Practice igniting and keeping a smoker alight during an inspection.

e. Identify eggs, brood and the three types of adult bees.

f. Identify key elements that indicate abnormal bee reaction and react appropriately.

g. Check nuclei for stores and queen presence.

h. Add and remove bee bodies and frames.

i. Ensure that equipment associated with beekeeping is in an appropriate condition.

j. Split colonies and make new nuclei under supervision.

k. Apply methods to maintain healthy colonies naturally with particular attention to Varroa.

l. Assembling hives and frames under guidance.

m. Practice extracting, filtering and settling honey under limited guidance.

n. Interpret results of basic honey analysis.

o. Practice harvesting, processing and packaging of different value-added products.