a. Explain historical development of beekeeping in Malta.

b. Explain the importance of the bee in nature.

c. Recite current practices of beekeeping with particular reference to organic methods.

d. Recite main characteristics of a healthy hive.

e. Recall technical terminology associated with beekeeping.

f. Describe the tools/equipment used in beekeeping and state how they can be properly maintained.

g. Explain life cycle of the bee and basic biology.

h. Explain the main characteristics of honey and associated products.

i. Explain main characteristics of honey production.

j. Explain safety related risks, and describe the basic safety principles.

k. Recite key characteristics of allergic reactions to bee sting and appropriate action to be taken.

l. Describe main features of hive management.

m. Explain key considerations one needs to take into account when considering apiary location.

n. Explain the key characteristics of forage plants suitable for beekeeping.

o. Explain how local climatic conditions affect beekeeping.

p. Describe key characteristics of the Maltese honeybee.

q. Explain main given diseases that affect beekeeping and possible remedies.

r. Explain main cost factors of beekeeping.

s. Recite basic given legislation associated with beekeeping.

t. Recite basic given characteristics of honey testing.

u. Describe the different types of other value-added products of beekeeping and their different benefits.