1. Describe the basic anatomical features of the most important animals for animal husbandry on the Maltese Islands.

2. Explain why one farms animals

3. Explain the different products used in husbandry and their use.

4. Explain what are the main duties in animal husbandry.

5. Explain how to milk a sheep and/or goat.

6. Describe the animal’s digestive system and feed requirements.

7. Explain the animal’s requirements accommodation

8. Explain the legal requirements of keeping animals.

9. Describe the functions of the main animal organs and their role in the animals’ physiological processes.

10. Explain the basic principles of genetics and inheritance.

11. Describe the reproductive cycle of birds and mammals which are important for local Agribusiness.

12. Explain the main characteristics that constitute a favourable environmental condition for different groups of animals.

13. Explain the function of common animal feeding and watering equipment for different animals.

14. Describe the cleaning and manure handling techniques.

15. Describe how to apply permaculture principles in husbandry with particular emphasis on heating and cooling systems.

16. Recite record keeping forms and describe their use.

17. List at least three sustainable develop principles

18. Define what an ‘active citizen’ means

19. Describe social integration and cultural appropriate behaviour